Staffing Cuts at Hill Holliday

By Patrick Coffee 

Hill_holliday_logoLast month, we broke the news that key Hill Holliday client Cadillac was “quietly talking to other agencies” before the account officially went to Lowe Campbell Ewald.

Tips about pending cuts began arriving soon after the news went live, and today we can confirm that the agency has let some staffers go over the past few days. Following a string of wildly inaccurate tips, we received a call and an official statement from an agency spokesperson, who placed the number of layoffs at less than five percent of the total Hill Holliday workforce.

Here’s the statement:


“We have recently made some necessary staffing adjustments to ensure the future success and growth of the agency. While it’s never easy to make hard decisions like this, we are confident these changes will better position us for continued success. Our industry is changing at a rapid pace, and like any responsible business we must adjust accordingly, and embrace that change as opportunity.”

According to Glassdoor, that “less than five percent” total includes between 25 and 50 employees, many of whom presumably spent time on the Cadillac account.

Tips vary on specifics: one reader tells us that cuts began in the HR department last week and another claims that management officially announced creative layoffs today. The latter also writes that a majority of those affected worked in the creative department.

Updates as we receive them.