SS+K Begs You to Please Wash Your Damn Hands

By Erik Oster 

Wash your hands. Please.

That’s the messaging behind New York agency SS+K’s PSA social campaign, launched in partnership with goat milk soap maker, Beekman 1802.

We’ve all seen the reminders of how long to wash your hands (20-seconds), with accompanying musical cues. So SS+K takes a different tack, reminding you to wash your hands with timed reminders. Just follow @TimeToWashHands and you’ll get a reminder to wash your hands every two hours. Hand-washing, of course, is a vital measure to stop the spread of coronavirus (along with social distancing and covering your face when you sneeze or cough). Influential partners such as Katie Couric have pitched in to help spread the message as well.

At this point, we’re honestly not sure who needs periodical reminders to wash their hands. We’re doing it so much they’re raw and cracked. But whoever that audience is, we hope that they see this, set some timers and wash their damn hands. Because we’re all in this together.