SRG Pours Taste of Independence for Brewers Association

By Erik Oster 

Sterling Rice Group (SRG) launched a new campaign for the Brewers Association promoting awareness of the “Independently Crafted” seal it introduced for the organization last year, entitled “That’s Independence You’re Tasting.”

The integrated campaign debuted this week with an ad which will run on broadcast and digital video across multiple channels through the second half of the year.

The spot opens with the line “Independence defines us,’ before going on to define “independence” as “the freedom to create without limits,” and claiming it is “the difference between real craft beer and the rest.” It shows an artist crafting a piece around the “Independently Crafted” seal, a brewer adding hops to a batch and a bartender adding taps with the logo, while citing the over 6,000 breweries which have adopted the seal.


“Independent craft brewers are a success story for American industry. As a national campaign, ‘That’s Independence You’re Tasting’ generates awareness beyond any one individual brewery or beer and touches the spirit of independence that is a core American value,” Brewers Association president and CEO Bob Pease said. “We are proud to be able to do for all our BA members what would be extremely difficult for them to do individually. Together we are united in independence.”

“As we visited local and independent brewers in creating this campaign, we were just awed by the commitment to craft and community by the very hardworking entrepreneurs behind independent beer,” added SRG executive creative director Adam Wohl. “With this campaign we wanted to create stories that really honor the ideals of independence and remind beer lovers to look for the seal when making their choice of what beer to drink.”

The campaign follows SRG’s “Take Craft Back” campaign for the Brewers Association last October, which included a (tongue-in-cheek) effort to raise enough on Kickstarter to acquire AB InBev.