Spotify Pays Tribute to Marketers With a ‘Song for Every CMO’

By Kyle O'Brien 

Being a CMO is often a thankless job that carries more weight than a backpack full of bowling balls. Spotify is hoping to give chief marketing officers everywhere a boost with its latest campaign, “A Song for Every CMO.”

The campaign, created in partnership with FCB New York, spotlights five sonically unique songs curated for CMOs including Intuit’s Lara Balazs, who gets a David Bowie-esque treatment, Frito-Lay’s Rachel Ferdinando, CVS’ Norman de Greve, Kimberly-Clark’s Zena Arnold and Indeed’s Jessica Jensen, who gets a bluesy send-up.

The hope of the promotion and its over-the-top tunes is that CMOs will see the potential of utilizing audio as a storytelling medium to inspire advertisers. With the campaign, Spotify is honoring all the ways CMOs helped drive growth, made tough calls and led their teams through a time of uncertainty, which is especially important when considering recent McKinsey insights that 78% of CEOs are now banking on CMOs and marketing leaders to drive growth.


“Music is in Spotify’s DNA, so when brainstorming new ways to celebrate our advertising partnerships with some of the most notable brands in the world, and in lieu of in-person engagements like Cannes or day-to-day meetings, we decided to celebrate through song,” Sarah Kiefer, global director, enterprise marketing at Spotify, said in a statement.

“It’s a big miss when we just treat audio as radio. ‘A Song For Every CMO’ is trying to show marketers how fun and effective the platform can be, how their message can be so tailored to one’s audience, and how it can bridge music and creativity in new ways,” Michael Aimette, co-chief creative officer at FCB New York, said in a statement.

Spotify stated that it will release more fun CMO songs in the coming months.