Sports Gambling Site Breaks into Shampoo Commercial

By Bob Marshall 

Ah, male nudity, amirite guys?

As we in the grand ol’ U.S.A. approach the kickoff of football season, the UK is doing the same with their far less manly, less brutal and less exciting version of the game. Yes, domestic soccer season is on its way, and that means it’s time for lads and lasses all over Western Europe to head to their nearest betting parlor and make some bad decisions.

To honor the occasion, betting and gaming brand Ladbrokes along with agency SapientNitro are breaking into other brands’ ads (a la Old Spice) that feature chiseled, toweled men (again, a la Old Spice). Apparently, Ladbrokes’ app will give you a free bet up to £50 (approx. $78 ‘merican) and also give you the opportunity to hit a female model in the face with a soccer ball. Honestly, you don’t need clever creative to get gambling addicts to quickly turn a “free bet” into a huge win for the house, so de-toweling Sky football pundit and former player Chris Kamara will do just fine. Also, that guy yelling “Kammy, shampoo no! Football is on!” is legendary Italian commentator Tiziano Crudeli, just so you know.

Says SapientNitro CCO Malcolm Poynton, “In this campaign we wanted to parody the endless number of ads throughout televised football that use retired sportsmen and women to promote brands, all which take themselves way too seriously.” So, uh, take that, Isaiah Mustafa, we guess. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: Malcolm Poynton

Creative Director: Ben Callis & Justin Barnes

Art Director: Mickael Charbonnel

Copywriter: Zoe Hough

Account Director: George Porteous

Strategic Planning Director: Chris Baker

Agency Producer: Stephen Worley

Photographer: N/A

Director/ Production Co: Rosey, Radical

Producer: Seth Wilson, Radical

Editor: Julian Tranquille, Cut & Run

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