Spokeswhore “Fakes” Weight Loss

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well, technically Fern Britton did lose a bit of weight, but it wasn’t totally because of Ryvita.

The Guardian first reported the story, and tells us that two years ago, Britton underwent a gastric bypass, during which doctors placed a gastric band somewhere that it made her lose weight.

She dropped from a size 22 to a 16. Was that Gap 22 or FCUK? Either way, Ryvita is backing her.

“The facts as we see it are simple, Fern has lost weight through a regime of healthy eating and exercise,” said Nigel Nelms, the marketing director at Ryvita.

“The gastric band which she has talked about may or may not have helped her in the early days but we respect her rights to privacy on this personal matter.”

Ryvita pointed to Britton’s exploits such as charity cycle rides across India and along the Nile as examples of what she has achieved while trying to get in shape.

“It doesn’t in any way diminish the steps she’s taken to lead such a healthy lifestyle with a fitness programme many of us can only aspire to,” said Nelms.

“We will continue to work with Fern and we wish her every success in maintaining her healthy eating and exercise regime.”

Of course you will, Mr. Nelms. But ah, good luck keeping that one afloat. The campaign, I mean.

Thanks Scamp.