SpecialGuest Sloooows Things Down for Squarespace

By Patrick Coffee 

When last we heard from CMS provider Squarespace, the company was helping us fall asleep during the Super Bowl with some assistance from Mr. Lebowski himself and turning to Chef Eric Ripert to host a food-porn follow-up.

For its latest campaign, the client went back to SpecialGuest, which helped promote Squarespace 7 last October by filming a guy climbing a mountain with no gear.

In the new campaign–which expands on the “Build It Beautiful” tagline–the agency and production company 1stAveMachine collaborated to provide slow-motion approximations of real-world Squarespace users’ businesses.

Here’s a wine shop, titled “Apothecary”:

Next, “The Greater Goods” shows us how cocoa butter and a sprinkling of sea salt make for a darker soap:

The minds behind Yield design combine jewelry with common household items, each thrown around with seeming abandon in this spot:

Finally, a bit of behind-the-scenes action reveals that no soaps or office furniture items were harmed in the making of this campaign:

Squarespace, whose CCO David Lee spent time in the creative departments of TBWA, W+K, AKQA and Sid Lee, focuses on well-designed products in order to reinforce the aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly nature of its own services.

Aaron Duffy of Special Guest says, “ultimately Squarespace is about more than just building websites. It’s also about helping to support and empower its community,” hence the collaborative nature of this campaign.

Of course, it is really all about building websites.


Client: Squarespace

Chief Creative Officer: David Lee
Creative Director: Ness Higson
Creative Partnerships: Jenn Grossman
Designer: Donovan Mafnas
Designer: Luis Gonzalez
Designer: Michelle Liv

Creative Partner: SpecialGuest

Partner/ECD: Aaron Duffy
Business Director: Ashley McGee
Creative Director: Jonathan Emmerling
Producer: Barry Gilbert
Sr. Art Director: Morgan Harary
Jr. Art Director: Eddy Choi
Creative Development: Chloe Corner

Production Co: 1stAveMachine

Partner/Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
Director: Tim Brown
Behind-The-Scenes Director: Jordan Fein
Head of Production: Lisanne McDonald
Visual Effects Supervisor: John Loughlin
Line Producer: Alec Sash
Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren
Still Photographer: Dylan Griffin
Production Designer: Clement Price-Thomas
Editors: Karl Amdal, Jonathan Vitagliano
Compositors: Michael Glen, Joseph Pistono, Gerald Mark Soto

Color Grading: Seth Ricart @Ricart & Co
Sound Design: Joseph Fraioli
Music Supervision: Brienne Rose @ NoiseRacket
Audio Mix: Gramercy Post
Music Composition: Apothecary: Sofia Hultquist / Greater Goods: M. Colton / Yield: Adam Arcuragi + Jonny Diina