space150 Snaps From Space for Jack Link’s

By Erik Oster 

Digital agency space150 makes good on its name with its new campaign for Jack Link’s, sending the brand to the stratosphere for “the world’s first-ever Snap from space.”

The stunt is explained in the 45-second “Is Space Beast?” (above). Basically, a weather balloon holding a Squatch stick was launched over 120,000 feet above the Earth. When the balloon returned to the ground, the brand uploaded the photos to Snapchat, providing the first Snaps from space. It’s a pretty self-explanatory stunt, so the video doesn’t add much. You can check out the result form the stunt at the brand’s @squatchsticks Snapchat before the images disappear and see below for one example. 

“We’re fueled by the challenge of telling our clients’ stories in disruptive ways,” said Marc Jensen, managing partner and CTO at space150. “A 24-hour Snapchat Story window and temperatures lower than -60 F created a unique engineering problem that we were energized to solve so that followers of SQUATCH could enjoy this extreme feat.”