space150 Introduces the Baroness for Red Baron

By Erik Oster 

Last year, Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., the retail-grocery company and subsidiary of Schwan Food Company, selected space150 as agency of record for seven of its brands, including Red Baron, following review.

The agency subsequently launched a “Timeless” campaign celebrating the 40th anniversary of the frozen pizza brand.

Now space150 has ushered in a new era for the brand, replacing the Red Baron with a new Baroness character. The Baroness makes her debut in a 30-second  spot entitled “War Stories.” While the Baroness isn’t a veteran of any war, she trades her “War Stories” of the more difficult trials of motherhood with a fellow mom, while decked out in a bomber jacket complete with patches earned over years of mom accomplishments. The two try to one-up each other with such stories, from surviving a “standoff” with a four-year old over a certain vegetable, rescuing a prized toy from the garbage disposal and more before tying the message to the brand’s selling point as an easy dinner option for busy families.

“‘War Stories’ shows, with motherhood comes challenges and circumstances only moms really understand; and, it’s important for them to share these stories and experiences to support each other,” space150 chief creative officer Brock Davis explained in a statement. “Pizza is a secret weapon the whole family can agree on and has the power to bring peace, especially at meal time. The Baroness is the embodiment of support moms need during these moments of chaos at mealtime and beyond.”

“We listened to a lot of moms out there – friends, consumers, team members – who didn’t see themselves in a lot of the picture-perfect moms usually portrayed in TV and advertising. It’s important that as a brand we create a new marketing campaign that not only embraces the messiness and chaos of motherhood but also champions all moms and the decisions they have to make every day,” added Schwan’s Consumer Brands chief growth officer (and mom) April Anslinger.

“We’re excited to introduce the Baroness, a mom who understands parenting doesn’t always mean perfection. As the new voice of the brand, the Baroness will speak to busy moms as only another mom can, by finding humor in the often-hectic moments of motherhood, and by sharing patches to remind moms just how well they are doing, every day, even when they don’t realize it.”

In addition to the online spot, the agency is also launching a social media campaign around the Baroness character and her motherhood patches. The extension will include influencer partnerships with real moms sharing their own war stories and “personalized patches for moms who share their war stories in real time using #WingMama,” according to a release.

The campaign will also be supported by dedicated influencer, PR and shopper marketing initiatives.