Sorta New Agency Alert: Pocket Hercules

By SuperSpy 

Speaking of Carmichael Lynch… Did you know that three ex-staffers jumped ship in a gray space between 2006 and 2007 to start their own agency? We didn’t.

The new shop is called Pocket Hercules. The term refers to heroes in small packages such as Naim Suleymanoglu.

The two founding partners were Tom Camp, who worked at CL in Minneapolis for 12 years as a writer and creative director. And then,
Jason Smith
had been at CL since 1996 as an art director and was a major force on the Harley Davidson account.

They then added John Supple, who was once named chairman and chief creative office of Carmichael Lynch, worked at the agency for 27 years. Supple, also happens to be a serious fisherman. Check out his big “supertanker” catch story here. Or, just be as amused as we were by the photograph. That thing is HUGE.

Oh yeah – PH has Northwest Airlines, Pearl Izumi and some other brands on their roster. Not bad for one year’s worth of work.



Comment #1:

Pocket Hercules? Is that some sort of midwestern Strawberry Frog? A (somewhat) impressive client list, but then you never see the work – either in award shows, or in real life …