Sonic the Hedeghog Is This Fast

By Bob Marshall 

While it’s been two decades since Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s spokeshog and mascot, whizzed by the world at large to save his animal friends, he shows no sign of slowing down. The chili-dog eating, attitude having, Saturday morning cartoon starring speedster is returning for another platform-based game on the consoles of Sega’s former main competitor, Nintendo. And, as the spot from agency Duncan/Channon and production company digital kitchen shows, Sonic hasn’t lost a step in his age, out eating and out racing a speeding bullet.

Whether or not Sonic picks up any new young fans is somewhat irrelevant, as the anthropomorphic hedgehog already has a good amount of video gamers nationwide who grew up on Sega Genesis and Game Gear and remember how much fun is was controlling him as he broke the sound barrier in his mission to explode Dr. Robotnik. It’s this nostalgia that Sega and Nintendo are hoping to cater to with Sonic Colors, which seems to follow the same format as Sonic’s earlier games for Sega consoles. The success of Wii’s New Super Mario Bros., which too was a return early franchise form.

Sure, Nintendo and Mario may have defeated Sega and Sonic in the great 90s video game console roles. But, has history would prove, you can’t keep a good hedgehog down.

Credits after the jump.

Client: Sega of America

Agency: Duncan/Channon

Writer/CD: Parker Channon

Art Director/ACD: John Stewart

Business Manager: Tricia Krasneski

Account Director: Eric Dunn

Account Executive: Christian Lee

Production Company: Digital Kitchen

Director: Brad Abrahams

Cameraman/DP: Doug Hostetter

Line Producer: Buzzy Cancilla

Editorial Company: Digital Kitchen

Editor: Slavka

Post Producer: Chezik Walker