Someone From Boston Is Not a Fan of Commonwealth’s ‘Real People’ Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

We have no idea who the people behind the YouTube page “Zebra Corner” are.

But we do know a few things about them: they like comedy, they know some people from Boston, and they REALLY HATE Commonwealth/McCann’s “Real People” campaign for Chevy.

This afternoon someone sent us this¬†takeoff based on a simple concept: what if those people were random “man on the street” types? And what if they were from Beantown??

Get ready for some Wahlberg-worthy accents.

So that was mildly amusing! And we didn’t realize this because we live in New York and don’t own a car, but Car and Driver magazine has pretty much confirmed that J.D. Power is, indeed, a whole bunch of bullshit.

What about the zero percent APR financing?? That’s another one we never really understood.

This spoof was only the latest in a series, by the way. It’s pretty much the same joke over and over again.

OK, now we’re bored.

These guys also mock pharma ads and The Bachelor and some other stuff, and we’re most amused by the awful production values, tbh.

And what’s so bad about Boston and its accents, anyway? Have¬†they ever been to Queens?