Some Stories Just Die

By Matt Van Hoven 

Over the last year we’ve received some tips that would make any of our fellow ad-writers salivate. A few we’ve chased down and published (Doner, TBWA et al) but others have slipped into the gmail abyss.

These stories live on, sort of, as little ghosts in our email archive. Like the one about a major player at Lowe who may be moving on soon, or the hugely famous film director who was allegedly fired for comments he made publicly. We have sources in just about every agency, but frequently a story is sparked from nothing more than an anonymous tip, which we then chase down &#151 confirm, dig up, weigh out and publish. Sometimes, not always. Some stories just die or become blind items.


In these troubling times many of you have grown increasingly wary of the risks involved in sharing these stories. We understand this, and just wanted to thank you for helping us reveal what little we can about this business. We do our best to get people talking, but it’s really you who gets it all going.

So it is with this in mind that we cordially request you keep sending us the stories that make your agency go-round. Each day means brings more dirt to shovel, and we’re committed to keeping you in the know. Thanks for your help, your persistence and your consistent support.

And thanks for keeping us honest with your comments.

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