Snickers Billboard Spurs New Stage of U.S. Campaign

By Kiran Aditham 

You’ve all seen BBDO’s Brady Bunch-themed Danny Trejo/Steve Buscemi Snickers Super Bowl spot that continues to saturate your TV.

In another, recently publicized element of the campaign, a billboard that’s been up in New York City since December that initially featured a massive image of Marcia Brady was gradually turned into Trejo’s menacing mug.

This week, the brand has unveiled a quick time-lapse clip (above) of the billboard’s transformation from Brady to badass in a matter of weeks. Snickers seems to have captivated some New Yorkers, who were initially compelled to take photos and hit social media with the hashtag #WhatsUpWithMarcia.

Colossal Media, which handled the painting process, shared its own stop-motion clip and accompanying risque joke (?) last month:

The billboard essentially serves as a springboard for the next phase of the “Who Are You When You’re Hungry?” campaign.

There’s the web site that encourages visitors to upload photos, the Snickers Meme Generator, and a contest offering the chance to win free stuff or take over the brand’s YouTube page for a day.

Expect more work to come.