Snickers Drops Down the Celebrity Hierarchy with Kenny G

By Jordan Teicher 

Betty White, Joe Pesci, Robin Williams, and… Kenny G. Aside from picking the most odds-and-sods group of entertainers out there, Snickers and BBDO New York have a knack for choosing celebrities with just enough relevance for the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. The title for best Snickers jokester is a toss-up between White’s roughhousing football player and Pesci’s whiny wingman. The latest spot, “Cards,” won’t top its predecessors, mainly because Kenny G doesn’t speak throughout the whole clip, but you can always lose yourself in his patented melancholy saxophoning.

It’s strange to think that the first ad with White came out over three years ago, but these spots seem to have enough social support to keep on kicking, even as the celebrities get less celebratory. Maybe for the next one, BBDO could get all four celebs in one room at the same time – a group of hungry people who all need to eat Snickers. That way, we could get Pesci to look at Kenny G and unleash a “Who is this fuckin’ guy?” tirade. Everybody wins, even Kenny G, since he’d be in two commercials in the past decade instead of one. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer:                             David Lubars

Senior Creative Director:                           Peter Kain

Senior Creative Director:                           Gianfranco Arena

Art Director:                                                  Jason Stefanik

Copywriter:                                                   Alex Taylor

Executive Producer:                                    Amy Wertheimer


Managing Director:                                     Kirsten Flanik

Senior Account Director:                           Kathryn Brown

Account Director:                                        Josh Steinman

Account Manager:                                      Lisa Roytman


Production Company:                                MJZ

Director:                                                         Craig Gillespie


Editing Company:                                        MacKenzie Cutler

Editor:                                                             Ian MacKenzie


Mixer:                                                             Tom Jucarone

Colorist:                                                          Tim Masick