Slash & burn all the way…

By OnDownLow 

Marketers are expecting to slash budgets by 3% on average this year, with advertising and traditional media expected to be hit the most, according to a global survey by Forrester.

The survey of more than 100 marketing leaders reveals that only 40% of them think they will be able to hang on to their stated 2008 budget and about the same number foresee a budget cut as a result of an economic downturn.

Branding, ATL advertising and traditional media spending will be the hardest hit categories, which will directly affect ad agencies.

All of this bad news is good news for those in the technology end of the spectrum.

The report predicts large changes ahead for the advertising and media industries. To reduce the impact of these cuts agencies will accelerate the integration of new media, strengthen their digital marketing practices and invest in communities for market and consumer intelligence — basically reverting to all things measurable so that CMOs can prove the effectiveness of their campaigns.

It will also drive the set-top box and ad-supported Video On Demand (VOD) market — all in the effort to target ads more effectively.