Skittles Compels Marshawn Lynch to Open Up (in His Own Way)

By Kiran Aditham 

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch’s Super Bowl Media Day appearance went just as expected with his usual succinct, broken-record soundbites, but it seems he saved all his energy to communicate about his one true love: Skittles.

Lynch’s fondness for the Mars candy staple has been well-documented for a few years in the form of him scarfing a handful on the sidelines games or being showered with Skittles by fans after scoring a touchdown. According to his mom Delisa Lynch, his Skittles affinity dates back to his youth: in 2012, she explained:

“The real is story is, I would give him Skittles before the game when he was playing Pop Warner. I would give him a handful of Skittles and say, ‘Eat ’em up, baby. They’re going to make you run fast and they’re going to make you play good.'”

Now, the man known for going into “beast mode” has solidified a business relationship dating back to last year’s Super Bowl by holding a press conference (with Skittles in tow, of course) on the subject of what makes Marshawn Lynch tick. Whether he’s talking about his cat video viewing habits or being an “earthling,” this 2 1/2-minute clip from Olson Engage is more interesting than any recent interaction between Lynch and the press.

In cased you missed it, you can also check out a 15-second teaser for Skittles’ actual Super Bowl spot (minus Lynch) from DDB here.