Skate Or Die: Madison Avenue Gets A Skate Club

By SuperSpy 

Tim Nolan of Poke and Marco Cigini of McCann Erickson have gotten all Gleaming The Cube on Madison Avenue’s ass and formed a skate club. Naturally, the association is called Mad Skate.

To join the cru, sign up go here. How it works: each member pays a little bit of cash to help rent a park such as the The Autumn Bowl in Greenpoint, Brooklyn or the Shield Skate Park in New Jersey. After all the ollies, railsliding and grinding have been done, any left over cash will be given to charity.

What’s next? A motorcycle club? Oh snap! That’s already happening. Doug Jaeger, the new prez of the Art Director’s Club, told us he’s already working on the details. Stay tuned…

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