Site Launch: AngryGreenGirl Gives Uber-Promoted Bikini Car Wash to Hybrid Drivers

By Matt Van Hoven 

Angry Green Girl
is attractive and cares about the environment. She and her team care so much that yesterday they held a car wash to promote the launch of angrygreengirl dot com. The hook: green-bikini-wearing models cleaned the cars using waterless cleaning products. Oh, and only hybrid vehicles were allowed to benefit from the free washes.

And then KTLA showed up to “cover” the story and everyone was talking about how amazing it is that Angry Green Girl is pretty and can use big words like ubiquitous and exacerbate. Legit, they were demeaning the crap out of the girl. And then they replaced the weather guy’s green screen with shots of the bikini girls etc, and he was all like, standing in front of them looking tiny when he says, “Morning girls. I could do something but it’d get us into so much trouble.”


Oh TV news, you and your antics. Click here for photos from the event.

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