Sirius Took Our Advice, Created Blog…Now to Step 2

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week, we wrote about Sirius Radio’s severe lack of webbiness, and pinpointed a few simple things they could do to attract attention via the interwebs and grow their brands organically. Well, Sirius Hits 1, the station we wrote about, took our advice and built a blog for The Morning Mash Up a morning drive program that got bloggified with

The blog (MoreMashUp dot com) is, natch, an extension of the show with content you’d expect (though you may not have seen anywhere else). The first thing we noticed was their video of Brody Jenner, who despite coming off as a megalomaniac, is the perfect kind of celeb to tape candidly. Who knows what he’ll say next! Anyway, the video was clearly shot on a Web cam of some kind, and the best part is it’s original &#151 exactly the kind of thing we told Sirius they should do.

MoreMashUp carries other content from the show, including pics and videos of their hosts, as well as more of the kind of thing listeners would like to know about: hamsters eating carrots, ninja-cats, and hey a cool Nike ad…hmmmph.

With step one completed, it’s time to move to the next thing &#151 along with keeping the content flowing, they need to get the hosts writing, post about who’ll be on upcoming shows, and market the shit out of the blog. The latter is the easy part &#151 promo-time! “You’re listening to the Morning Mash Up, but if you want to stay up on the stuff we’re talking about, hit up MoreMashUp dot com!” Done.

Remember: Twitter feeds, get your hosts on IM and post their screen names, and for Pete’s sake sell some ads &#151 from what we hear, you need the money.

Thanks to the spy who shared this with us!

Dear Sirius, Please Get Your Sh*t Together