Sirius Radio (SIRI) Opens Up to Social Media

By Matt Van Hoven 

Sirius Radio (SIRI) has given the go ahead, it seems, to the Sirius Hits 1 crew to start talking over the radio waves about their social media initiatives, including a Facebook fan page, Twitter, MySpace and the blog, ““.

According to some of the show’s listeners, the hosts have been mentioning their social media outreach lately &#151 something they had not been able to do in the past.

We’ve heard rumors that the thinking used to be that free content was bad, since people aren’t paying for it, and hence social media applications were not to be “advertised”. But social media seems to be winning the battle, and the higher-ups are finally coming around. Nice. It’s good to see a major company embracing the kinds of free technologies that pretty much everyone they want to get to is using. What’s frustrating is that it took this long, but that’s over now.

Sirius has definitely come a long way from January of this year, when we told them to get their shit together. Nicely done. Keep it up. Love that Megan Fox video you guys linked, and the new logo (above).

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