Shocking Barack: Brammo Heads for the Hill

By Matt Van Hoven 

The client best known for its crowd-sourced logo and electric motos is heading to the White House (yeah, “the hill” alliterated better) in hopes of gaining President Barack Obama’s attention. Why? They build electric vehicles, like the Enertia motorcycle.

These two dudes hopped on theirs and drove from Michigan. Yes, Michigan. The campaign is called “Shocking Barack“, which works on a couple levels, and hopes to present the prez with a solution to the world’s transportation woes. Cool.

“Our plan is to retrace the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans. But instead of looking for aid, we’d like to present President Obama with a homegrown solution to the transportation crisis”

Good idea, dudes. Also, watch out for tranny hookers. Check out their site, here. This is a CP+B joint.

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