Shifting around for just a bit

By OnDownLow 

Some have noticed that there seems to be a lag in some of the posts — we are in the (painful) process of shifting everything over from the old WordPress platform to the new (and highly improved — Full RSS feed! Comments! Polls! Bells & Whistles extraordinare!) MediaBistro platform.

We’ll have everything sorted here soon — but if you could give us a couple of days to work out the kinks.

It has to do with the fact that we are still running two platforms for the same site — and the daily e-mail you might be getting is taken from posts at the mediabistro site only.

We’ll be shifting over permanently here to the MB site (and giving up the WP site) here very soon — just waiting for the word to come down for the permanent transition to happen.

In the meanwhile, you can still find us doing daily updates at:

We’ll keep you updated. Sorry about that!