Shazam and SoundHound Make Beautiful Phone Together at The Movies

By Shawn Paul Wood 

screenvisionIn a move that will have avid moviegoers pulling their multicolored hair out at the root, one movie theater advertising company is now going to encourage people to turn their phones on when they sit down.

I know, right?

Musical discovery apps Shazam and SoundHound have partnered with National CineMedia and Screenvision (which merged with NCM earlier this year) to encourage the use of second screen advertising before the trailers begin. The goal is to allow movie advertisers to tie audio-recognition features into preshow promotions on consumers’ devices.

Just what you wanted.

According to, John McCauley, Screenvision’s Senior Vice President, is pretty happy about what could happen:

“Moviegoers are drawn to the cinema to see the world’s greatest content, and their affinity for the experience of going to the movies puts them in a highly receptive mindset for advertising messages. This delivers unrivaled results, including a 56% Ad Recall and 10:1 Ad Likeability, compared to ads on TV.

And now, at the very point that the awareness is created, we can connect moviegoers through a Shazam-enabled experience. This not only gives them a greater opportunity to connect with the brands and products they love, but the ability  to take that message home and share it with their friends, right from the comfort of their theater seat.”

Now, if you do any recon, you will see folk trolling Facebook, tweeting friends, and playing 2048 while devouring popcorn. Will this work as an interruption of those pre-pre-movie festivities? Time will tell. Now, someone needs to tell that GEICO camel to stop bothering us.