Shaq is a Kid With a Big Head in His Directorial Debut for Icy Hot

By Kyle O'Brien 

Shaquille O’Neal is just a big kid at heart, and in a new series of spots he directed for the new Icy Hot Kids product line, he’s a kid with a big head.

The longtime Icy Hot spokesman makes his directorial debut with a campaign, “Kid Shaq,” that finds Shaq’s big head on small kid bodies as he tells how the new Icy Hot Kids products are made for kids.


Created with independent agency Terri & Sandy, Icy Hot’s AOR, the national campaign features Shaq as an injury prone spokeskid in several situations, from a jump-roping kid who is getting super sore, to a tee-ball player who flails while trying to hit a stationary ball, to a soccer player preparing to get injured while protecting against a penalty kick and a general spot that also features kid Shaq on a playground.

The spots introduce the Icy Hot Kids product line to the market. Developed with pediatricians, Icy Hot Kids bills itself as the first line of topical pain care products specifically formulated for kids.

In all the spots, adult Shaq’s head is superimposed onto a school-aged kid’s body.

The hero 30-second film features Shaq’s actual mother, Lucille O’Neal, applying Icy Hot Kids to her son as he comments, “Just a little bruise for a little kid with a big head,”

The campaign was produced by O’Neal’s production company, Jersey Legends, along with co-director, Emmy winner Vincent Peone.