SF Egotist and AD2SF Accused of Racism, Etc. for ’32 Under 32′ List

By Patrick Coffee 

In a project that seems custom-made for your AgencySpy, the San Francisco wing of Egotist recently collaborated with area yuppie club* AD2SF to create a clickbait listicle titled “32 Under 32” celebrating the best young advertising professionals living and, possibly, working in the Bay Area.

At least some of the names on the resulting list will sound very familiar to even our oldest, most crotchety readers: Grey, DDB, GS&P, Old Navy(?!)…

Here are those 32 “well-above-average looking ad folks” (not our words):

AD2SF headshots

Notice a trend here? They’re almost all white.

A couple of readers (literally, two of them) took issue with that fact, and Egotist fought back, writing:

“First: We judged the people that were nominated. Are there ultra-talented minorities in the SF ad scene? Of course. But they weren’t nominated. If you know a more diverse group that should be recognized, by all means, nominate them when we do this again next year. Nothing’s stopping you. Claiming it’s from “racism” is frankly, bullshit.”

It’s like they read AgencySpy or something.

Frankly, we are encouraged by the 50/50 male-to-female ratio. But what’s with the overabundance of people from Goodby and Heat? Was this game rigged?!

*Young, urban, professional. Accurate.