See All of the Ad Talent Highlighted During Black History Month by This Agency Owner

By Doug Zanger 

In what is becoming a fabulous tradition each February,  Derek Walker, owner of agency brown and browner, takes the time during Black History Month to highlight black ad pros. His excellent threads on Twitter and LinkedIn introduce (or re-introduce) the industry to art directors, creative directors, social media strategists, brand strategists and more.

“There’s a group of individuals who are already working, sometimes on the fringes, in advertising, who are experienced and can step in and do the job immediately,” Walker told Adweek last month. “And everyone says, ‘but I can’t find them.'”


What started as an experiment of sorts last year has blossomed into a project that people look forward to with anticipation. Young talent shares the spotlights with legends like Ted Pettus, and all come from some of the most prominent agencies and brands. It has also grown into a beautifully designed package. Posters were created by Bernadette Rivero, and a calendar designed by Alima Trapp and Andrea Williams features each person highlighted.

Click the image below to get to the interactive calendar and learn more about the talent featured this year by Walker. And you can purchase the poster, with all proceeds going to 100 Roses from Concrete.