Secret Weapon Continues Absurdist Trend for Jack in the Box

By Erik Oster 

Santa Monica, CA-based agency, Secret Weapon, continues the trend of absurd humor they employed in their regional Super Bowl ad for Jack in the Boxwith the new spots.

The first of these spots sees the regional fast food franchise’s creepy mascot introducing the new pesto chicken sandwich while claiming his recent productivity is thanks to the new robot he has “handling the day to day stuff.” We then cut to the robot strangling a man for taking the piece of birthday cake he wanted. “There’s still a few bugs,” Jack admits. It’s a slightly different kind of absurd humor than the cheese Secret Weapon poured on in the Super Bowl spot, although the robot humor falls flat and feels disjointed from the earlier part of the ad introducing the new product.

The other new spot, for Jack in the Box’s new “monster” taco offerings, more successfully combines the product introduction with Secret Weapon’s absurd humor. It imagines Jack in the Box’s new taco offerings — nacho, and bacon ranch (Jack in the Box certainly loves their bacon) — as monster trucks facing off. The spot parodies the classic “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” school of monster truck ads, before an unexpected reveal puts everything we’ve just seen in a different context. Stick around for brief credits and “Monster Tacos” after the jump.



Copywriter: Mike Alfaro
Art Director: Jaime Villalva
Director/Creative Director: Rick Sittig