Seattle’s HL2 Goes Kaput

By Kiran Aditham 

As tipsters mentioned to us earlier this week, we’ve received confirmation that Seattle-based agency HL2 (formerly known as Horton Lantz & Low) has closed down after 15 years due to client loss (including HTC) and the economic climate.

One spy tells us: “Apparently everyone showed up to work on Monday morning only to be informed that 25 of them had been traded to Ascentium (traded for what exactly is unclear!), everyone else was being fired and by 3:00pm the company was no more. Kind of sad since HL2 was the last of the major old Seattle shops to have not sold out unlike Leonhardt Group (now Fitch) or Hornall Anderson (now part of Omnicom).”

Puget Sound Business Journal confirms that 25 of HL2’s 40 employees are headed to Bellevue-based digital agency Ascentium.

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