Scott Sorokin Is No Longer In Carat’s Picture

By SuperSpy 

The shit show that has become Carat, has decided that their next great move is dumping Scott Sorokin overboard. Sorokin has been president of the agency since 2006. Sarah Fay, Aegis Media North America’s CEO, said that Scott mutually agreed to leave his post.

Oh, we’re sure he did. After that email scandal? After competitors are openly waging warfare on the shop? The recent cut of 75 bodies? Please. We’d get the hell out too. Sorokin said that he will go on to other digital innovation opportunities. Here’s an idea – Scott should just hold down the severance package for awhile, take a vacation, get involved in some web start-up.

Scott Sorokin is a digital baby having pulled stints at Modem, as well as Grey Interactive. At the time of his hire to Carat, Fay said:
“This is an exciting time for Carat Fusion, as it continues to be on the forefront of many of the trends in digital marketing.”

Remember that? Maybe Fay has changed her mind about all that digital stuff? Carat EVP Martin Cass has been named the new president and boyfriend ain’t so digital.

During the email scandal, Scott’s internal missive to the team about the impending layoffs included this message:

“The leadership team and I ask each of you to remain confident: confident in our strategy and ability to meet the ever-evolving challenges of our sector; confident in the focus I on making sure we have the best talent and the that we create the best professional environment to inspire that talent that is poised to win in 2009.”

Poor Scott. As he wrote that, Scott must have been thinking: “Leadership schmeadership. We’re in the shit.” Wonder how long Fay will hang in there before her number is up, too.

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