Save a Tree, Buy a Scooter

By Matt Van Hoven 

I was checking out Tribble today when I saw the post about how The Founder spent $12 to fill up the gas tank on his lawn mower. Holy crap! What the hell kind of mower are you using man?

I filled up my scooter the other day. It’s a 150cc, and has a one gallon tank. So, it costs about $4.50 on average to fill these days, and that’ll last me for about a week.

So the consumer market is reflecting high fuel prices, in everything from automobiles to bottled water. If you aren’t familiar with FIJI Water’s efforts, check out fijigreen dot com. Poland Spring also recently came out with a new bottle that sports less plastic, thinner paper label and no dye in the bottle cap.

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When are people going to get the point? I’m so sick of watching commuters drive through Manhattan alone in their cars. I don’t care who you are &#151 when you’re in a city with one of the best public transportation systems in the country, both inside and outside the city proper, you have no business driving by yourself. Seriously, take a train.

I’m sure I’ll get some “I have to drive my BMW so I can look good” folks, but they know as well as anyone else that’s a bullshit excuse. Like the soccer mom that drives an SUV because it’s safer &#151 uh, actually they’re less safe due to roll overs. Read a book.

Every time the accelerator is depressed in a big sexy vehicle, an inordinate amount of energy is burned. That’s the plain and simple. Avoid it; carpool, ride a bike, buy a scooter. Do something people, it ain’t that hard. Check out this link for tips.