Sanders\Wingo Behind New AT&T Final Four Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Over the weekend, AT&T released an ad tied to the Final Four that was, interestingly, not produced by AOR BBDO.

Here’s “Stronger,” starring Paul George of the Pacers and attributed to Texas agency Sanders\Wingo:

While S\W has worked on the account for a decade, (it produced a kid-centric sequel of sorts to BBDO’s “It’s Not Complicated” campaign in 2013, for example), all of the client’s basketball-focused ads this year have been attributed to BBDO.

This anomaly appears to be a case of the client juggling its creative partners rather than a change in its relationship with either agency. BBDO confirmed this morning that it was not involved in the production of “Stronger,” and a rep for AT&T has yet to respond to our requests for clarification.


In other Sanders\Wingo news, now-former CEO Bob Wingo named his daughter Leslie Wingo as his successor back in December; he now serves as chairman of the agency’s board.