Samsung, Telefonica/Vivo Pay Homage to Brazilian Rocker, Raul Seixas

By Erik Oster 

Samsung and Telefonica/Vivo join forces to show some love for  Raul Seixas, a legend in Brazilian rock circles, by creating the first ever music video for his tune, ““Metamorfose Ambulante.”

The song, which translates as “Walking Metamorphosis,” was composed about 40 years and helped launch Seixas to stardom in his home country. Samsung and Telefonica/Vivo’s music video is a loving homage to Seixas that simultaneously shows “how technology changes people’s lives and how the power of connections can transform human beings.” Seixas’ family “participated in each stage of development” for the project. The large-scale film production was “shot by a team of 75 professionals in Argentina’s Sierra de la Ventana,” an ideal location for the music video’s Stone Age setting.


An app is available in addition to the film, which allows users to upload their photos and transform them into a characterization of Seixas, likely inspired by the hundreds of Seixas impersonators who transform themselves for an annual parade in downtown São Paulo celebrating Seixas’ birthday. The app and music video are both part of a new branded content campaign for Telefonica/Vivo from the agency Africa. Stick around for credits after the jump.


Title: Walking Metamorphosis

Client: Telefonica|Vivo

Product: Institutional

Agency: Africa

Copywriters: Rafael Pitanguy and Marcos Almirante

Art Directors: Humberto Fernandez and Estefanio Holtz

Creative Directors: Rafael Pitanguy and Humberto Fernandez

Executive Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho

Agency Production: Rodrigo Ferrari/Patricia Melito

Client Services: Celina Esteves/ Cintia Hachiya/ Veridiana Efeiche/ Bia Andreucci

Planning: Ana Cortat / Marcio Beauclair / Mahira Oliveira

Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira/ Felipe Santos/ Gian Barbera/ Gabriel Roveri/ Tiago Lima

Production Company: PBA Cinema

Director: Nico Perez Veiga

Executive Production Brazil: Mayra Gama

Executive Production Argentina: Gaby Carcova

D.O.P.: Leandro Filoy

Editing: Marcela Truglio

Post Production Brazil: Diulle Fonseca and Andre Baltrusaitis

Post Production Argentina: Sebastian Lopez

Post Production: Post Reino Buenos Aires

Sound Production: SuperSonica
Production and mixing: Antonio Pinto / Luiz Vanzato

Client’s Approval (Telefonica|Vivo): Christian Mauad Gebara/Cristina Duclos/ Joao Bell/ Juliana Covino/ Juliana Bueno/ Juliana Paula

Client’s Approval (Samsung): Paula Costa/ Bruna Santalucia/ Fernanda Villa Lobos