Samsung Pokes Fun at Bendgate with Robotic Butt

By Erik Oster 

Samsung attacking advertising in nothing new, but Apple’s bendgate fiasco with the new iPhone6 has given the company a fresh round of ammunition.

In a new, timely spot, the strength of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is tested via being sit on repeatedly by a robotic butt. Called, straightforwardly enough, “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus,” the spot shows how the phone stands up to repeated tests without bending, unlike a certain competitor, before displaying the mechanical reasons for its strength (metal frame, magnesium bracket, etc.).

We’re not sure who is behind this latest Apple-baiting ad for Samsung, but can confirm that it is not from agency-of-record 72andSunny. At any rate, the ad seems to be getting some attention, racking up over two million YouTube views in under a week. But then a robotic butt test was pretty much bound to go viral.