Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple (Yet Again) in New Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Two new spots introduced by Samsung over the weekend tell us that the brand’s strategy–if not that of its creative AOR 72andSunny, which did not produce this campaign–still revolves around knocking its archrival down a few notches.

Surely you caught the not-so-subtle insinuation that the 8.4-inch Wi-Fi Tab S, released just over two weeks ago, is more effective than the iPad in allowing users to stream distracting content for as many people as possible…at the same time.


There’s another one about (simulated) screen contrast after the jump…

Ad folks are well aware of the fact, noted by most tech-focused pubs, that this campaign is simply the latest volley in Samsung’s ongoing “cooler than the cool kids” assault on Apple’s position atop the tech cred pack. (Microsoft made the same point before in 2013 by touting the multitasking facilities of Windows 8.)

Will this campaign convince parents to make the switch from one brand to another? We’re not sure, but it did convince us that two people can watch a program at the exact same time on different devices while sitting right next to one another.

Also: in case you missed it, Apple launched its own “best for parents” spot two weeks ago:

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