Samsung Aims Straight at Apple with In-House Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

In a campaign we somehow missed last week, Samsung decided — without the assistance of any outside creative agency — to double down on its strategy of laughing at Apple.

The targets of the “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” series couldn’t be more obvious. But then, they did wear some very large targets on their backs last week…

Samsung clarified that these ads, which emerged the day after the big Apple reveal and inspired the usual trollish back-and-forth online, were “produced in Korea and are not part of the U.S. marketing campaign.

Is Samsung downplaying its own work here? The statement leads us to think that the Genius spots come from the same team that created what our own Bob Marshall called “the absolute worst thing we’ve seen [in 2013].

Two more after the jump.

The second in the series mocks the Apple Watch’s functionality:

Finally, Samsung jumps on the list of brands making fun of Apple’s tech problems…and just in time!

The spots recalled the time Samsung made fun of Apple in July…and in February…and in 2011.

They also reminded us that the target company’s most recent creative work does bear a certain resemblance to product demo reels.

While the work above supposedly didn’t involve any input from Samsung creative shops Leo Burnett, Cheil Worldwide, Razorfish or 72andSunny (which produced this recent surf-themed spot), they did give us a pretty clear idea as to where the brand wants to go next with its message.