Same-sex Marriages: $1 Billion Industry by 2010

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you’ve had a TV on today, you’ve probably seen the reports about the “legalization” of same-sex marriage in California. While the bill awaits a vote, countless gay and lesbian couples have rushed to the state to be wed.

Reuters reports that the issue could be (let’s face it, well be) a huge issue in this year’s presidential race.

But what interested me most about the report I saw on CNN was that an estimated $1 billion will be spent on same-sex marriages should the law hold. Think about it &#151 you’ve got the wedding, then 150 people traveling, getting hotels, renting cars, eating dinner, buying gifts, getting haircuts and so on. That’s a lotta much needed dough for an economically strained country. More after the jump.

What does that mean for you, my dear addies? Get your asses to whoever does David’s Bridal, De Beers, REI, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and any other shop working the market.

Seriously, in this economy, it makes sense to hyper focus your career toward the strongest market, even short term. After all, you never know when a shop is going down, so take a risk. Another good market is pet stuff. I used to cover the pet industry (yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s the second fastest growing market, second only to tech &#151 so there), and it’s continuously growing. It’s also fairly recession-proof, like cheap beer and Ramen noodles. Check out what zootoo dot com is doing.

It’s frustrating to see the American economy flounder when law blocks the economic stream, as with the same-sex marriage situation. The demand is there, and the economic benefit would be immediate. Yeah, there’s a lot of moral arguments to consider, but right now we’re hurting, so let’s be flexible and look at the positives. I’m sure even the most ardent florist who’s anti-same-sex marriage says yes to $5,000 in flower arrangements. Money talks, and right now the US needs to listen.