Saatchi Says Sorry

By SpyWriter 

Saatchi apologized for the “Speed Dressing” ad that won (then lost) Epoch Films a bronze Lion. JcPenney’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Boylston says that he was satisfied with Saatchi & Saatchi’s response to the situation.

Saatchi still says they had nothing to do with the entry, but they say they deeply regret the message that the ad conveyed. Sure…


Boylston told Adweek that although Saatchi blamed Epoch and director Michael Long for producing and submitting the spot, they still reimbursed JcPenney for the likely cost of production.

Boylston also called the incident “water under the bridge” and “more a distraction than anything else”. I think he meant to say “more press for the company and all involved than anything else”.