RT+P Nabs Reyka Vodka Biz

By Kiran Aditham 

You can say it’s been an even-steven sort of 2013 for Philly-based Red Tettemer + Partners, which abruptly lost the Maaco business earlier this year but has now gained a new client in Rekya, the Icelandic vodka brand developed by William Grant & Sons. From what we’ve been told, there was a review, but the other participants have not been disclosed as of yet. Anyhow, RT+P will now handle global creative duties for Reyka, which in the past has worked with shops such as Brooklyn-based Dead As We Kn0w It, though we’re hearing there wasn’t an incumbent in this specific review cycle.

In a statement, Gemma Adams, global brand manager for Reyka, which is also involved in music-themed efforts like this, says, “Our goal is to bring our inventive spirit and great tasting Reyka Vodka to people around the world. We are working with RT+P on creative strategies and activations that will highlight the unique Icelandic spirit of the brand. We’re excited that RT+P have the right chemistry to work with WG&S & the talent to ignite this inventive brand around the world.”

First RT+P efforts for Reyka will launch across trade and consumer touch points this spring. Along with its new vodka client, the agency also works with the likes of Under Armour, Planet Fitness, Right Guard and Century 21.