RPA Rolls Out Promo for Selfie-Inspired Honda HR-V

By Kiran Aditham 

Considering the day, we’ll take this latest spot from Santa Monica-based RPA for Honda with a heavy grain of salt, because if it smells like an April Fools’ joke and looks like an Aprils Fools’ joke…

In the new campaign, RPA introduces us to a young lady named Ashley H who, like the rest of her narcissistic peers, is a self-proclaimed selfie queen. Now, she’s found a perfect vehicle to indulge her ego in the Honda HR-V SLF — or “Selfie”– model, which comes equipped with 10 cameras so drivers and passengers alike can more fully engage in their own self-absorption.


In a statement (yes, there actually is one), Honda HR-V brand manager Gazō Enjinia says:

“Honda is embracing the selfie phenomenon and the creative, artistic sensibilities of millennials with this versatile, youthful trim model. Cameras were already part of the all-new HR-V, used for LaneWatch and the rearview camera, so we found a way to incorporate more of them, based on the role of selfies in culture today. The selfie-camera option safely operates only when the vehicle is in park; when the vehicle is in drive, the cameras go back to their intended use.”

The, ahem, multiple selfie cameras join a host of real HR-V features including 7-inch touchscreen with Pandora, Bluetooth and satellite-linked navigation, blah blah.

Don’t worry, folks, April first will be over in mere hours. But if you already need a palate cleanser, John Oliver has just the thing.