RPA Honda PSA Shows Us the Dark Side of Emojis

By Patrick Coffee Comment

The safe driving PSA would seem, creatively speaking, to be a relatively staid genre. Yet last week we saw an unusual French entry, and today RPA went the animated emjoi route in order to effectively demonstrate the dangers of multitasking behind the wheel.

We didn’t realize that April was Distracted Driving Month (primarily because we don’t own a car), but Honda is collaborating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to raise awareness of just how dangerous that stray text can be.

Strategically speaking, the #ThumbsUp tag might be a bit too ambiguous to turn the campaign viral–but Honda promises to share related materials like GIFs, stills,¬†downloadable mobile wallpaper and banners throughout the month in the interest of safe driving.

There’s a Spanish version after the jump.

Client: Honda

Agency: RPA
Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
Vice President, Creative Social Media Director: J. Barbush
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Damian Fraticelli
Art Directors: Michael Enriquez, Craig Nelson
Copywriters: Adam Gothelf, Kevin Tenglin
Social Media Copywriter: Laura Kelley
Producer: Joshua Herbstman

Program Manager: Elizabeth Goldstein
Project Manager: Andrew Serrato
Technology Manager: Bradley Stone
Associate User Experience Architect: Sabrina Lee

Production Company: Laundry!
Creative Director: Anthony Liu
Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Producer: Kirsten Collabolletta
Design: Janice Ahn, Yongmin Park
Animation: Yongmin Park