Rosapark Takes a Dip for the Tribord Easybreath

By Erik Oster 

French agency Rosapark launched a visually striking 60-second spot for the Tribord Easybreath, an innovate new full-face snorkeling mask.

The spot plays on images of sea and sky as a pair of snorkelers take in both during a jaunt. Images of the mask’s sleek design blend seamlessly with sky and sea imagery during the spot, which finds no need for dialogue or voiceover. Towards the end of the spot the camera flips, in a neat trick, reversing sea and sky as the message “Breathe underwater as you do in land” appears onscreen. It’s a succinct and effective way to drive home the point the rest of the spot expresses so beautifully. 

“Easybreath is a real innovation in the world of diving—gone is the need for a separate mask and snorkel, and the difficulties some people [have] using them,” Rosapark creative director Jamie Standen told Adweek. “Our brief was to get across the scale of this invention.”

“For Easybreath, the product is already so innovative. All we had to do was find a simple idea to showcase it, then stand back and let the product itself do the work,” added fellow creative director Jamie-Edward Standen“What we aimed to convey in the TV spot, visually, is that there’s a new way to be in the water, to see the water. I hope people who can’t be bothered with snorkels will try diving with the Easybreath. Diving is pretty cool!” 

The broadcast spot is now running in 15-, 30- and 60-second versions throughout France.


Brand: Tribord
Brand Management : Espen Heier
Directeur de la communication : David Martinelly

Agency: Rosapark
Co-founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Co-founders in charge of creative: Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-Francois Sacco
Creative Directors: Mark Forgan and Jamie-Edward Standen
Copywriter: Nicolas Gadesaude
Art Director: Julien Saurin
Account Management: Rozenn Traineau

TV Production: Lauriane Dula
Production: Insurrection
Directors: Fleur & Manu
Production Directors: Matias Boucard
Producers: Hélène Daubert and Mounia Mebarki
Coordinator: Marie Mezeray
Post-production: Home DP
Film Editing: Nicolas Larouquère and Alyson Gordon
Colorists: Bertrand Duval and Laurent Ripoll
Post-producer: Bianca Benloukil
Special effects: Mathematic
Post-production: Julie Lagadec
Flame artist: Fred Brandon

Music: Grabuge
Title: « Emmersion »
Music management: Jérôme Hatchuel
Composer: Laurent Perez Del Mar