Rokkan, Tough Mudder Tell Viewers ‘It’s All Been Training’

By Erik Oster 

Fresh off being named creative agency of record for the brand, Rokkan is launching a global digital brand platform for Tough Mudder, “We Are Tough Mudder,” with a global digital campaign entitled “It’s All Been Training.”

The campaign celebrates the joy and adventure of youth with a series of ads exploring how life experiences have acted as training for the 10-mile obstacle course. In “We Are Tough Mudder,” the agency introduces the new approach, evoking a nostalgic longing for youthful adventures and presenting the shared social experience of the obstacle course event as a way to “find that something you left behind” and recapture that youthful excitement. Other spots delve specifically into childhood dares and challenges such as battery licking, jumping off the swings and “The Escape” as training for the event. The campaign launched this week in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and Germany through online video and social media, with additional global campaigns under the “We Are Tough Mudder” platform expected later this year.

“The ‘We Are Tough Mudder’ platform is a true reflection of our brand and ethos,” said Tough Mudder CMO Jerome Hiquet. “It’s not the challenge that defines us, but the camaraderie bringing us together to complete the course. The helping hand, the lift over a high wall and the constant support of teammates and strangers alike. We’re excited for this campaign to introduce the Tough Mudder experience to those committing to run their first event.”

“As a Mudder myself, I’m excited to work with the U.S. and global teams,” added Rokkan chief creative officer Brian Carley. “There’s a real opportunity to lean into the community and fun of this challenge that can often be overlooked by people. There are great parallels between the thrilling risks and awe-inspiring obstacles we took on as young kids, and the feeling you get when participating in a Tough Mudder. This campaign aims to bring that to light.”