R/GA is on Lockdown

By Matt Van Hoven 

Anyone ever notice that there’s rarely anything written about R/GA that doesn’t have to do with new hires, business wins, expansion and the like? What’s the deal?

Well, our source tells us the shop is “like Fort Knox.” We hear employees are reminded weekly via e-mail not to speak to anyone about what goes on there, other employees, etc. Apparently, admin. doesn’t want it getting out that some creatives like to sneak into the stairwell to puff a bowl from time to time, which according to one of our R/GA spies, is not uncommon.

And though drug culture is nothing new to the ad world, we suspect that if that kind of thing is going on, there’s probably a lot more we don’t know about.

This isn’t to say we have it out for R/GA. Quite the opposite &#151 it’s our job to share, with you, the real-life stories that make the agency-world spin. And spin. And spin.

With no further adieu, click continued to see the first internal e-mail we snagged from R/GA.

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This week’s ‘Don’t talk to anyone’ memorandum:

“Many of you have reported receiving a number of calls today from people soliciting information about R/GA employees. If you receive one of these calls, please refrain from giving them any information and transfer the call to either myself or someone in HR. If they’re heavy breathers, just hang up.”

Seems we’re not the only ones seeking the dirty details of the R/GA world. But don’t worry &#151 we’ll have more about this meritocratic agency before long. Like this one time…