R/GA Is Driving At Full Tilt

By SuperSpy 

Gawd bless R/GA. While other bigwigs are sucking their thumbs and whining, Bob Greenberg is talking action paction baby. Brian Morrissey over at Adweek reports that the shop has expanded its emerging media practice to focus on mobile applications that play on social media with their newly named Mobile and Emerging Platforms Group.

Someone had to do it and it looks at those R/GA is going to be the leader in what is arguably, one of the hottest tracks out there – mobility.


Mobile is a serious focus for R/GA, CEO Bob Greenberg said, since the launch of the iPhone points to the medium leaping ahead in terms of functionality. Eventually, it will be “bigger than the Web,” he believes.

We loved R/GA’s campaign for Nike Plus, which allowed runners to record their mileage and then, upload it on a social networking site. This concept provides a service to the consumer, which is now an important and extremely valuable concept for any brand to decode. Nike is making the consumer’s life easier, while further weaseling their way into their lives rather than just peddling sneakers with some nice footage. And through mobility? And social networks? How many trends are we going to nail here?

Nice work. Nice work.