R/GA Is Adweek’s Digital Agency Of The Year

By SuperSpy 

Bob Greenberg’s R/GA has won the Adweek agency of year. Greenberg has been obsessed with building a better agency from the get-go. This is fourth time the agency has won the award in the last 8 years. He says:

“There’s a couple different directions agencies will have to take. There’s a difference between us and someone like Crispin Porter + Bogusky. We’ve taken the direction of building brand platforms rather than viral stunts or one-off things.”

Pow! Crispin is reeling, choking from the shot to the kisser. No. Not really, but calling out Crispin’s for “viral stunts” in the national ad journal is pretty ballsy. Hmm… he could have added Droga in there, too to get that whole rubadub thing going.

Adweek gives them the nod for adding Hewlett-Packard, Mars and HBO as clients, and growing revenue by 20 percent to $126 million.

One of the comments was:

“I think RGA winning aoy is a testament to the poor state of the digital business. The work that is cited is two years old. This must mean nothing has happened in two years time. What digital needs is less pontification and more innovation.”

And another from the other end of the spectrum:

“RGA is our prototype they are the new digital agency for the new age. RG/A has leadership, management, young creative talent and a goal. They are they model of what the future of advertising will look like, its like a time machine. Unpretentious, humble, consistent, vocal, great clients and always innovating. Well deserved!”

Where do you stand?

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