Reyka, RT+P Drink to Sunshine

By Jordan Teicher 

On June 21, the sun shone for 24 hours in Iceland. No darkness for an entire day thanks to our buddy, the Summer Solstice (you can watch a cool slideshow of the never-ending sun here). The phenomenon is actually called a “midnight sun,” and occurs in a handful of places around the world, including Alaska, but for Reyka Vodka, the celebration begins and ends with Iceland. Reyka teamed up with Red Tettemer + Partners for “A Celebration of Summer Solstice,” which probably conjures up images of the Nordic populous engaging in a nationwide rave with a lot of blonde hair swooshing around.

Prior to the blonde bash, Reyka built up momentum on the obligatory social media channels, even offering free trips to Iceland for winners of an Instagram photo contest. This is not a what-happens-in-Iceland-stays-in-Iceland party, either. Reyka also had solstice shindigs in Chicago and San Francisco. The brand sponsored a total of 54 solstice parties in America, including a main event in a Williamsburg bar. The sun may not have been shining 24 hours straight in Brooklyn, but when vodka is involved, drinkers won’t notice the difference anyway. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer:                   Steve Red                

Executive Creative Director:       Steve O’Connell                                                     

Creative Directors:                         Bryon Lomas, Amanda Abrams

Maker:                                               Steve Thompson

Art Director:                                     Ari Garber

Copywriter:                                      Jonathan Goldstein

Social Strategy:                              Annie Heckenberger, Ryan Olah          

Developers:                                     Ryan Epp, Joe Russell     

Account Executive(s):                  Jess O’Conor, Kristin Filipovits, Leah Fullem           


Production Company:                  Red Tettemer + Partners                                     


Editing House:                                Red Alert/RT+P                                                      


Sound Design:                                RT+P                                                                                    

Sound designer:                            Steve Thompson                                                                                                  


Audio Mix:                                        RT+P                                                            

Mixer:                                                 Vic Carreno