Rex Ryan’s Tears Result in a Fitting New Sponsor

By Kiran Aditham 

Despite the ridicule that came his way after last week’s weepfest following a loss to Jacksonville, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s emotional outburst might have actually done some good for his struggling team (4-6 record aside).

Saying that they’re “proud of the coach”, the folks at Kleenex are offering a season’s worth of tissues for Ryan’s locker room. In a statement, Kleenex senior brand manager Angela Fisher says, “A lot of professional coaches and athletes believe showing emotion can be a sign of weakness. After seeing this coach’s willingness to show his feelings, we want him to be prepared for future situations that could require tissues this season.”

Recently, the brand conducted a survey which found that men are six times more likely than women to unleash the water works when their favorite sports team loses. In the Jets’ case, that’s unfortunately been a recurring theme this season so stocking up on Kleenex might be necessary.

Via Make the Logo Bigger

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