Revamping ‘Gay’ the Advertising Way

By Matt Van Hoven 

UK based Gay Times recently put a call out for agencies/addies to produce campaign materials that promote homosexuality to straight men. Well, we’re (a) straight men, so let’s see how they did, after the jump.

(Ed’s note: the above spot is well overdue (Wanda Sykes sticks it to a bunch of teenage dudes who are calling things, “so gay”) &#151 better late than never. Know anyone that still says, ‘that’s so gay’? Tell us about him/her in comments or by e-mail to matt@mediabistro dot com or superspyin@gmail dot com).

And click continued to see the work that was done for GT and our take on it. (Sourced from Creative Review)

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First up is the above piece by University of Leeds students James and Joe. Uh, the imagery is a bit gross but, admittedly, less gross than it could have been. How’d they do? Well guys, vaginas don’t have teeth, which is a pretty big flaw in your argument. Just the same, we see your point. Well played.

Next up is this celeb-u-whore piece by The King’s Arms Creative of Manchester. Yeah, all the celebs in this poster look pretty friggin’ whacked out. And yes, avoiding “the crazy” may be a good reason to “go gay”. Indeed. But what Kings are forgetting is that even at their worst, women will never lose their ability to out-sexify men. Maybe not in every case, like that post-op who’s been in the news lately, but you know what we mean.

Well, as fun as joining the “Gavy” sounds, we’re not keen on the penis-wrapped anchor. Ouch!

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