Retrofitness Somewhat Resurrects Tommy Tutone’s Career

By Kiran Aditham 

Fondly remembering when greed was good, hair was big, John Hughes touched our lives and neon never went out of style, growing chain Retrofitness has now virtually completed its 80’s motif by acquiring the phone number 867-5309 for its gyms.

The digits that comprised the one (overrated) hit song from Tommy Tutone is just the latest element of a branding campaign which also includes print ads that read, “At $19.99 a month, it’s better than leg sweeping a Cobra Kai.” Hell, for $20, I wouldn’t mind trading in my NYSC membership to wax nostalgic and entertain spandex and synth-pop…maybe.

Retrofitness owner Eric Casaburi, who must believe the chain’s Gen X audience still thinks Tommy Tutone’s tune has cachet, tells Billboard, “This was a cool detail that people will appreciate when they see it. Plus it’s easy to remember.” (My vote would’ve gone with roller skates and Max Headroom cameos, but whatevs).

If the updated soundtrack doesn’t sell you, Casaburi’s also hired original MTV VJ Martha Quinn to voice the company’s fall radio campaign. What, Adam Curry was too busy podcasting?

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